Welcome to the Traumainstitut


The Traumainstitut was founded in 2012 in Luxembourg by Mag. bakk. sci. pth. Khashayar Pazooki and has been part of the Group Psylux S.A. since 2017.

Trauma therapy in our practice addresses patients who have been exposed to a potentially traumatising event or several such events. We have extensive trauma therapy training and experience in different therapy methods as we are convinced, that only one single method is not suitable for all patients.

Further more, the Traumainstitut offers the possibility of further education and qualification for psychological psychotherapists, psychiatrists, doctors with psychotherapeutic training, educators and social workers. The Trauma Institute is an accredited institute for further and continuing education recognised by the state in Luxembourg (Formation Professionnelle Continue). As research is constantly expanding and there are more and more new possibilities for the treatment of psychologically traumatised people, we have set ourselves the goal of providing these new treatment possibilities in the form of very sound training for psychotherapists. Psychotherapists are trained in the latest methods and techniques of trauma therapy in seminars. There will be offers for children and adolescents in the future. We offer you a well-founded training with internationally renowned seminar leaders, speakers and lecturers in psychotraumatology and trauma therapy.


The Traumainstitut is pleased to offer you a complete trauma curriculum. Further information can be found here:

Integrative Psychotrauma Therapy Curriculum





We are peased to introduce you to VEX, virtual exposure therapy : 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufju4Uo0xDU (long)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPO26DDGhV4 (short)



We proudly present the release of the book:

We proudly present the release of the book:

"VEX Virtuelle Exposition in der Behandlung von psychischen Störungen" written by Khashayar Pazooki.

ISBN: 978-3-330-50480-6

Unfortunately the book is only available in german.