Group Psylux SA, as its Traumainstitut Luxembourg are accredited by the Ministry of education and further education of Luxembourg as well as CPD accredited. 




We are regulary offering the following seminars and continuing education:

Psycho-trauma therapy course content

  • Fundamentals, stabilization and treatment planning
  • Regulation of affects and Resources Work
  • Diagnosis and treatment of PTSD
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment in acute trauma
  • Trauma Therapy of mono trauma, complex PTSD and DBT, depression, addictions and compulsive disorders
  • Trauma treatment with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing &)
  • Resources work and resource-oriented trauma treatment of complex PTSD with EMDR
  • Treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder and burnout syndrome with EMDR
  • Pain therapy with EMDR


Micro expression based on Dr. Paul Ekman

Knowing how to read and interpret micro expressions is an essential part of understanding nonverbal behavior and reading people. All around the globe we express the same seven universal emotions with micro expressions: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise and contempt. They often occur as fast as 1/25 of a second. 

    • Knowing the 7 basic Emotions
    • Decoding of facial micro expressions
    • Spot concealed emotions
    • Improve your emotional intelligence
    • Hands-on Training
    • Decoding of postures and gestures
    • Enhance your relationships in private, work and business
    • Develop your capacity of empathy
    • The Analyses of the micro, macro and subtle expressions as well as the application in psychotherapy, forensic and clinical psychology, business, Law Enforcement, etc.
    • Hands-on Training 

    This workshop is available for everyone that is working with people and want to improve their interactions by knowing what the other person is not showing openly, or isn’t even conscious about it himself. Settings would be: therapy, social work places, class room, interviews, business, meetings.

    The workshop is provided in English language with the possibility to get explications in German language if needed.



The Trauma Institut offers social workers, educators and teachers following seminars in dealing with children, adolescents and adults:

  • Dealing with children and adolescents with AD (H) D
  • AMK (anti-bullying campaign), aimed specifically at classes and schools
  • IPPM (Individual psycho-educational intervention), dealing in narcotic addicts and / or delinquent youth
  • Treatment of dyslexia, Dispraxie, dyscalculia and dyslexia using innovative scientific methods
  • Proper handling of traumatized adults at the first inventory (eg recording in a home)



In order to successfully complete the course, participants are required to attend an oral examination and to submit six short case reports on post-traumatic disorders. Four of the case reports, each with three trauma-specific tests, are to be submitted in advance of the examination and two case reports are to be presented by the candidate for discussion in the final examination.